Resources & Research

Appropriate Technology and Natural Building

Architecture2030’s Carbon Smart Materials Palette.

Builders Without Borders.

Centre for Alternative Technology. A UK resource centre for sustainable building and living.

Development Center for Appropriate Technology. A US organization that works to promote the shift to sustainable construction and development through leadership, strategic relationships, and education.

Ecological Building Network. A centre for natural building research including engineering, code and fire-rating data.

Ecosense. Builders of the first Living Building Challenge residential home with informative blog on Canadian west coast sustainable building and living.

The Endeavour Centre. Canadian resource centre for sustainable building.

Living Building Challenge. Provides resources, standards and certifications for the highest green building standard in the world.

Sustainable Sources. A US information source on various sustainable building topics.

Energy Efficiency & Green Renovations (see also Green Building, below)

City Green. BC Non-profit and social enterprise organization offering energy evaluations and programs.

Clean BC Better Homes. An online hub for BC homeowners and businesses to access information, rebates and support to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in new and existing homes and buildings.

Fine Homebuilding. A resource for practical Green construction details.

Green Building Advisor. Another respected resource for Green building design and build details.

Natural Resources Canada. Building Efficiency.

Natural Resources Canada. Energy Star Product List. Search here for product efficiency information for all home appliances, lighting, office equipment, heating and cooling equipment, ventilation equipment and doors and windows.

Rocky Mountain Institute. Buildings.

Green Building


Athena Sustainable Materials Institute.

Building Science Corporation. Provides free online access to objective research on building science.

Clean BC New Home Program. Rebates and support for construction of efficient homes in BC.

CMHC Library. Access thousands of research papers, from conventional to alternative construction.

Energy Step Code of BC. BC’s performance-based building code.

Environmental Building News. Respected online resource for green building information.

Fine Homebuilding. A resource for practical Green construction details.

Green Building Advisor. Another respected resource for Green building design and build details.

Renewable Energy & Electrical Grid Transformation

Rocky Mountain Institute.

Jeremy Leggett.

Zeroing In On Emissions: Canada’s Clean Power Pathways – A Review. 2019. Tom Green. David Suzuki Foundation.

Renewable Energy – Geothermal

CANGEA. The Canadian Geothermal Association.

Renewable Energy – Photovoltaics

CANSIA. The Canadian Solar Industries Association provides resource pages with important consumer protection information, resource maps and more.

Renewable Energy – Solar Thermal and Solar Hot Water

Natural Resources Canada. Solar Thermal (water/air/heating) information.

Natural Resources Canada. Solar Hot Water Buyer’s Guide.

Renewable Energy – Wind

CANWEA. The Canadian Wind Energy Association provides information about wind resources and the wind industry in Canada.

Scoraig Wind Works. The Blog of Hugh Piggott, a distinguished UK small wind expert.

Wind Works. Articles and commentary by Paul Gipe on renewable energy, community power, EVs, and FITs.


Adaptation to Climate Change Team. Simon Fraser University-based think tank with comprehensive suite of Climate Change adaptation information.

BC Government FireSmart Homeowner’s Manual.

California Straw Building Association. Information on bale buildings that have resisted California fires.

Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) is a world-class centre for multi-disciplinary disaster prevention research and communication.

Wildfire Building Design

Solutions and Policy

Climate Interactive – tools for a thriving future. A US energy and environment think tank that utilizes systems modelling and simulations to provide insight, educate and prioritize global climate solutions.

Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions. Global temperature updates. Earth Institute. Climate Science Data.

Community Action Planner for BC Communities. Developed by the Community Energy Association. An interactive emissions planning tool to assist BC communities gain insight, prioritize and plan solutions to decarbonize.

Community Energy Association. A BC non-profit that focuses on supporting local governments and first nations in climate and energy solutions via coaching, education, planning and research.

Drawdown. A resource for information and insight about climate solutions utilizing rigorous comparative review and assessment techniques.

Footprint Calculator. Offered by the Footprint Network, a calculator for calculating your own Earth Overshoot day to educate ourselves on how to reduce our footprints.

Gapminder. Gapminder fights devastating misconceptions and promotes a fact-based worldview everyone can understand.

Global Footprint Network. Offers footprint calculations to organizations to allow them to quantify and learn to reduce their footprints.

Michael Mann. Distinguished climate researcher and authour.

Real Climate. Climate science from climate scientists.

Schumacher Center. Schumacher was the authour of Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered and proposed human-scale, decentralized, and appropriate technologies.

Zeroing In On Emissions: Canada’s Clean Power Pathways – A Review. 2019. Tom Green. David Suzuki Foundation.

Water & Land

Botanic Gardens Conservation International. Engages partners with botanical gardens in securing plant diversity for the well-being of people and the planet.

The Humanure Handbook – Joseph Jenkins

Oasis design


The Wastewater Gardener – Mark Nelson